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3 x HAGZISSA (Öst) They Ride Along LP
5 x RAGING DEATH (Pol) Taste the Steel MC
2 x DESTRUCTION (Ger) Bestial Invasion of Hell LP
1 x HERPES (Fra) Awakening of a Sleeping Madness MC
3 x HANDS OF ORLAC (Ita) Hands of Orlac MC
5 x NIGHTMARE CITY (Swe) Nightmare City MC
5 x THRONE OF IRON (US) Throne of Iron MC
4 x TOXIC BEAST (Ger) Toxic Beast MC
1 x ORDER OF THE NAMELESS ONES (US) Utter to me the World of Wrath L
3 x VENEFICIUM (NZ) Veneficium MC
2 x FRONT (Fin) Demo 2015 MC
2 x KATHGOR (Mal) The Lord of Infernal Blasphemy MC
6 x MALOKARPATAN (Svk) Stridzie Dni MC
2 x DEVILRY (Fin) Rites For The Spring Of Supremacy LP
3 x LIERS IN WAIT (Swe) Spiritually Uncontrolled Art MC
2 x SEID (Swe) Darkness Shall Fall LP
4 x 777 (Öst) Feel the Fire CD
6 x TEMPLE MOON (Uk) Demo I MC
1 x EXCORIATE (Ger) On Pestilent Winds LP
3 x PROPHETS OF DOOM (Spa) Sermon of the Imposter MC
2 x GOATSPELL (Fra) Ascension of the Drakonian Beast MLP
7 x HEXEN HOLOCAUST (Fra) Heretical Dreadful Orgies MCD
1 x VLAD TEPES (Fra) Morte Lune LP
7 x ICE WAR (Can) Dream Spirit CD
3 x OKSENNUS (Fin) Kolme Toista MC
1 x SADOMIZER (Fra) Sadomizer MC
7 x AMBUSH (Swe) Run like Hell CD
7 x RADEMASSAKER (Ger) Primitive Death Attack Digi CD
1 x OMINOUS CRUCIFIX / SOUL EATER (Mex) On This Land Evil Dwells MC
2 x KILLING ADDICTION (US) Shores of Oblivion MLP
5 x ILLUM ADORA (Ger) Son of Dawn MC
2 x KAMP (Den) K A M P 10"inch MLP
2 x OUTRE TOMBE (Can) Regurgitation MC
3 x COVEN (Jpn) The Advent MC
5 x HEXENSABBAT (Can) Pestilence Crawls over Bloodstained Land MC
3 x OMINOUS (Fin) Death... The Beginning MC
9 x GOAT SYNAGOGUE (Gre) Enter the Feast MC
1 x SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Bel) Morbid Re-incantations MLP
4 x EATEN ALIVE (Chl) Demo 1 MC
1 x JASTREB (Cro) Orient and Occident LP
3 x GHAST (Wales) Dread Doom Ruin MC
2 x VOLAHN (USA) El Tigre del Sur LP
4 x COMMUNION (Chl) Demo I MC
3 x TAARMA (Pak) Compiling the Wounds & Scars MC
3 x COMECON (Swe) Converging Conspiracies Orange LP
8 x SLAUGHTER COMMAND (Ger) Bitch Instructing Lessons MC
1 x SABBAT (Jpn) Sabbatical Possessitic Hammer Woven Patch
1 x BAXAXAXA (Ger) Hellfire LP (black/ white)
2 x GLADIATORS (Gre) Dead Man's Walk EP
3 x COSMIC CHURCH (Fin) Ylistys DLP
4 x EURYNOMOS (Ger) Fierce Alliance MC
6 x PERVERTED CEREMONY (Bel) Sabbat of Behezael Silver MC
3 x AKATECHISM (Ger) Dripping Flames MC
4 x IRON CURTAIN (Spa) Guilty as Charged MC
4 x ALBEZ DUZ (Ger) The Coming of Mictlan MC
2 x EVISCERATION (Fra) Altar of Pain MC
1 x HYPNOSIA (Swe) Horror Infernal
1 x SILHOUETTE (Den) Die the Fire LP
2 x CHEROKEE (Ger) Wakan Tanka Nici Un MLP
2 x CRYPTIC BROOD (Ger) Braineater MC
1 x MESSIAH (Swi) Extreme Cold Weather
4 x JORDABLOD (Swe) Promo 2016 MC
3 x HEXENSLAUGHT (US) Demo 2016 MC
1 x WITCHCRAFT SADOMIZER (Isr) Mouth Fucking Holy Black Holes MC
2 x CASKET / GRAVEYARD GHOUL (Ger) Dead... Stiff and Cold in a Box t
1 x TERRORSAW (Ita) Demo 2012 MC
1 x ZOM (Ire) Flesh Assimilation LP
3 x HUORIPUKKI (Fin) Nekromantia MC
3 x SCALD (Rus) North Winds MC
1 x DRAGHKAR (USA) The Endless Howling Abyss MLP Black
2 x HEAVY LOAD (Swe) Death or Glory LP
3 x NECROMANTIA (Gre) Scarlet Evil Witching Black MC
1 x WITCHES STEEL (Ger) Demonrider EP
1 x DEMISE (US) Endless Torment LP
4 x TRANSYLVANIA (Can) As the Wicked Prosper MC
1 x BULLDOZING BASTARD (Ger) Bulldozing the Vatican LP
1 x NOMINON (Swe) Chaos in the Flesh - Live MC
2 x DEATHCODE OF THE ABYSS (Fra) Wrath and Revenge MC
2 x HESSIAN (US) Mercenery Retrograde LP
3 x DIVINE ECSTASY (US) Divine Ecstasy MC
2 x PAGAN ALTAR (UK) The Room of Shadows MC
1 x BLIND WITCH (Jpn) Burn Witch Burn DLP
2 x BLACK DEATH (US) Black Death LP + 7"EP Black
4 x MORTEM (Per) Deinós Nekrómantis MC
3 x PARIA (Ger) Unchain the Unclean CD
4 x STARLIGHT RITUAL (Can) Age of the Universe MC
2 x MEGATHÉRION (Ger) Megathérion MC
2 x RECLVSE (Wales) Olde Gloom MC
2 x SACRILEGE (Swe) Lost in the Beauty you Slay MC
3 x HELLBANGERS (Int) Metal Forces Comp. LP
1 x VARATHRON (Gre) Sarmutius Pegorus MLP
4 x MOLOCH (Ukr) Verwüstung MC
2 x VIRCOLAC (Irl) Codex Perfida MC
5 x VICTIMIZER (Den) Rapid Thrashing Violence MCD
1 x DEMONOMANTIC (Swe) Blessed in Eternal Cruelty LP
3 x RITUALIZATION (Fra) Sacraments to the Sons of the Abyss LP
4 x QUARTZ (UK) Fear no Evil MC
3 x CADAVERIC POISON (Int) Cadaveric Poison MC
1 x DEATH WORSHIP (Can) Extermination Mass LP
2 x ROOT (Cz) Kärgeräs - Return From Oblivion MC
3 x LORDS OF TRIUMPH (Int.) Reaching the End MC
1 x DIVINE ECSTASY (US) Strange Passions MLP
5 x COMMUNION (Chl) The Communion CD
5 x ANCIENT (Mex) Abraxas MC
1 x HERETIC (Hol) / BESTIAL SUMMONING (Hol)Splitting Skulls for Sata
2 x SLAUGHTER MESSIAH (Bel) Putrid Invokation MLP
1 x BLACK SERPENT (Aus) Nighside Cosmology MC
3 x DOOMENTOR (Ger) Doomentor LP
2 x DEGIAL (Swe) Savage Mutiny LP
2 x AMBEVILENCE (Ger) Advance Promo Tape MMXIV MC
2 x COUNCIL DAIMONION (Fra) When Hell Calls... MC
2 x POSSESSION (Bel) Exorkizein MC
1 x HEAD OF THE DEMON (Swe) Sathanas Trismegistos LP
1 x SODOM (Ger) Demonized LP
4 x OCCULTATION (US) Silence in the Ancestral House MC
4 x EXHUMATION (Gre) Seas of Eternal Silence LP
2 x ABHORROT (Öst) Rites of Prehistoric Darkness MC
3 x SATANACHIST (Ger) Crown of the Black Sun MC
1 x UNLEASHED (Swe) Live in Vienna '93 MC
1 x CULT OF EIBON (Gre) Lycan Twilight Sorcery LP
1 x NOCTURNAL GRAVES (Oz) Deathstorm MC
2 x VOMITOR (OZ) Bleeding the Priest LP
3 x SACRILEGE (Swe) The Fifth Season MC
1 x CAVEMAN CULT (US) Rituals of Savagery MC
3 x EVOCACION (Spa) Demo MC
2 x COFFIN LUST (Oz) Manifestation of Inner Darkness MC
1 x TERDOR (NL) Levi II LP
3 x VEILED (USA) Omniscient Veil MC
3 x HANDS OF ORLAC (Ita) Figli del Crepulsculo MC
2 x BULLDOZER (Ita) Poland 2011 LP
3 x NEMESIS (Col) Hombre: oveja negra del universo EP
1 x VULTURES VENGEANCE (Ita) Lyrids: Warning from the Reign of the
2 x DRAUGUL (Mlt) Chronicles Untold Black LP
1 x PERVERTED CEREMONY/ WITCHCRAFT (Bel/ Fin) Nighermancie /Black CD
1 x SABBAT (Jpn) Disembody CD
1 x SABBAT (Jpn) Sabbatical Possessitic Hammer LP
2 x TANKARD (Ger) Zombie Attack Shirt size M
1 x CHEVALIER (Fin) Destiny Call MC
3 x MALOKARPATAN (Svk) Stridzie Dni LP
1 x ZEMIAL (Gre) For the Glory of UR Black LP
1 x TENTATION / IRONSLAUGHT (Fra) 665/ Les Hordes Métalliques LP
2 x TOCA MADERA (Spa) Toca Madera MC
1 x BLOOD INCANTATION (US) Hidden History of the Human Race MC
2 x CEMETERY LIGHTS (US) The Underworld MC
3 x SAQRA’S CULT (Bel) Initiation to Forgotten Rites MC
1 x SABBAT (Jpn) Evoke CD
2 x HASTUR (Ita) Live in Fear MC
1 x THE NIGHT ETERNAL (Ger) The Night Eternal MC
1 x INNSMOUTH (OZ) The Departure of Shub-Niggurath MLP
3 x BAXAXAXA (Ger) The Old Evil '19 MC
1 x FUNERALIS (Chi) Lvminis Serpens Caeremonia MC
1 x ATTIC (Ger) Sanctimonious White DoLP
1 x DEGIAL (Swe) Death's Striking Wings LP
1 x DEGIAL (Swe) Predator Reign LP
1 x ROK (Oz) Burning Metal LP
1 x INTOLITARIAN (US) Suicidal Allegiance EP
2 x HORDA (Chl) Breviario MC
2 x VULTURES VENGEANCE (Ita) Lyrids: Warning from the Reign of the
1 x VULTURE LORD (No) Desire for the Dead/ Exorcism of the Holy Ghos
2 x VIOLENT FORCE (Ger) Demo Collection - Velbert - Dead City II & D
2 x MERRIMACK (Fra) Grey Rigorism CD
2 x BASTARDIZER (Aus) Enforcers of Evil CD
1 x MALHKEBRE (Fra) Revelation MC
2 x DOOMENTOR (Ger) Dominus Omnes LP
2 x DEATHSVN (Chl) Children of the Sun MC
1 x EVOKED (Ger) Return of the Dead MC
2 x ATTOMICA (Bra) Attomica MC
1 x XANTOTOL Glory for Centuries - Cult of the black Pentagram LP
3 x DRAGHKAR (USA) The Endless Howling Abyss MLP Gold
1 x VOMIT ANGEL (Den) Sadomatic Evil LP
2 x HELL TREPANNER (Per) Entrance to Hell MC
2 x MORTUUS UMBRA (Isr) Omnipraesent MC
2 x SATYRICON (Nor) Pesten 1349 Shirt Size XL
1 x NUCLEAR MAGICK (Ger) Priests of the Bomb MC
3 x DOOMENTOR (Ger) Opus Diabolae A5 DigiCD
1 x CRURIFRAGIUM (US) Beasts of the Temple of Satan CD
2 x COMMUNION (Chl) Communion MC
2 x FUNERARY BELL (Fin) The Last Temptation - Light of Violet Penanc
1 x INFAMY (Fra) Demo 2012 MC
1 x VULCANO (Bra) Live! MC
2 x DEATHCULT (Swi) Demo 12 MC
2 x LUSTRATION (Oz) Psymbolik LP
1 x PHLEGETHON'S MAJESTY (Fra) Downward journey to Tartaros Domains
1 x INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Ger) By Ancient Force MC
1 x XANDRIL (Ger) Demo I '83 EP
2 x MARTIN MISSY & THE PROTECTORS (Swe) Misanthropy Tour Shirt Size
1 x CAVERNE (Fra) Aux Frontières du Monde LP
2 x VENEFIXION (Fra) Armorican Deathrites MCD
1 x SABBAT (Jpn) The Devil's Sperm is Cold EP
1 x HERPES (Fra) Doomsday MC
2 x MORBID SPELL (Par) Blasphemous Ritual MC
1 x ZOLDIER NOIZ (Fra) Schizoid Reject LP
1 x AT THE GATES (Swe) Gardens of Grief MC
1 x BLASPHERIAN (US) Woven Patch
1 x ELIMINATOR (UK) We rule the Night LP
1 x MORTAL SCEPTER (Fra) Where Light Suffocates LP
1 x BLACK HAMMER (Fra) The Horror MC
2 x CRURIFRAGIUM (US) Beasts of the Temple of Satan LP
2 x BÖLZER (CH) Hero MC
1 x BLACKEVIL (Ger) The Ceremonial Fire LP
1 x INDIAN NIGHTMARE (Int) Taking Back the Land LP
2 x CONVENT GUILT (OZ) Diamond cut Diamond MC
1 x DREAD SOVEREIGN (Ire) All Hell's Martyrs Red DoLP
1 x OSSUAIRE (Fra) Le Troubadour Necrophageophile CD
1 x MORAST (Lux) Dead out from Graves MC
1 x SILHOUETTE (Den) Aileen LP
1 x MÖRBIT (Swe) Metalion 50 Years of Fucking Off Life LP
1 x PROPHECY (Den) Whom Gods Destroy LP
1 x SCALARE (Ger) At the Edge of Darkness LP
1 x KEVER (Isr) Eon of Cycling Death
1 x HEINOUS (Bel) Lucifer Vult EP
1 x SACRIFICIO (Spa) Guerra Eterna LP
1 x SLOUGH FEG (US) New Organon MC
1 x DEMONOMANCY (Ita) Poisoned Atonement MC
1 x DEATHLY SCYTHE (Chl) Celestial Darkness MLP
1 x DRAUGUL (Mlt) Chronicles Untold Gold Splatter LP
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